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Mercredi 20 Septembre 2017


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Communicator & web site service (# 6007)

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2,500 Euros / mois
Niamey (Niger)
Social - Pedagogic - Communication Science...
Non précisé
Français - Anglais

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1.      Project Manager

2.      Communicator and Website Service

3.      Finance and Administration Officer

4.       Monitoring and Evaluation

5.      Project Assistant

6.      Procurement Specialist



7.      Ground reception station and telecommunication Expert (RARS Expert)

8.      System Engineer and database Administrator


Numerical Weather Prediction Positions:


9.  Numerical Weather Modeling Expert

10.  Forecastin

 11.  Assistant Forecaster



A - Background

The African, Caribbean and Pacific - European Union Programme on Disaster Risk Reduction seeks to strengthen the resilience of the sub-Saharan African regions, countries and communities to the impacts of natural disasters, including the potential impacts of climate change, in order to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development. The Programme’s purpose is to provide the analytical basis and accelerate the effective implementation of an African comprehensive disaster risk reduction and risk management (DRR and DRM) framework. Five expected result areas were identified.


This project responds to results area number three which focuses on improving the core capacities of the specialized national and regional climate centers (RCCs) to meet the needs of DRM agencies and socio-economic sectors for effective use of weather and climate services and community-focused and real-time early warning systems (EWS). This component is to be implemented through the African Development Bank as part of the ClimDev Africa Special Fund (CDSF). Under this result area, five sub-projects will be supported with one being a continental-wide project and the other four being regional projects for West, Central, Southern and East African regions.


This project is the continental-wide project and is on Satellite and Weather Information for Disaster Resilience in Africa (SAWIDRA). The project is to be implemented by the African Centre of Meteorological Applications for Development (ACMAD)


Under the Continental component of the SAWIDRA Project, ACMAD is now recruiting various experts under the overall supervision of the Director General.


  1. Vacancies

the deadline for all applications below is March  06, 2017

All applicants who applied in 2016 and are still interested should reapply

2- POSITION: Communicator & web site service

Duties and responsibilities


The Project Communication Office is supposed to support the Project in all communication activities being conducted. This involves the development of an internal communication strategy for the Continental component of Satellite and Weather Information for Disaster Resilience in Africa (SAWIDRA) Project, including the design of appropriate approaches to inform relevant media about ongoing activities and results of the project. The duties include the development of dedicated SAWIDRA (and possibly a dedicated website), and above all, the development of user-friendly communication materials to inform planners and decision makers. The Project Communication Officer will also lead coordination with the SAWIDRA regional projects to harmonize communication aspects, with the objective to highlight complementarities between the various project activities. The support for the organization of relevant meetings, workshops and seminars is also part of the responsibilities of the Communication Officer.


The incumbent will perform the following duties:


  • Develop a Communication policy, Strategy and activities between ACMAD and its partner institutions, users and beneficiaries of the ACMAD SAWIDRA project
  • Design activities and materials including a Web pages (and possibly web-site) which improve the visibility of the SAWIDRA project and ACMAD as an institution
  • Collect, synthesize, package and disseminate meteorological information and transform it into user-friendly products, which can easily be understood by Disaster Risk Managers and other stakeholders as may be required
  • Develop and facilitate networking of partners and report on best practices of networking;
  • Lead coordination on PR aspect with the other SAWIDRA regional projects;
  • Document the relevant experiences of the project, draw lessons for their capitalization and dissemination
  • Collect user feedbacks and report to the project manager
  • Organize demonstrations or institutional events (exhibitions, press conferences and other media events etc.)
  • Establish, maintain and coordinate media networks
  • Establish and regularly update the project web and wiki pages
  • Support the project management in other communication and infrastructural activities





  • The applicant should have a University Degree in Social, Pedagogic or Communication Science or Journalism with a strong specialization in environmental issues. BSc is minimum requirement, MSc would be an advantage




  • Proven experience in successfully communicating meteorological or environmental information, evidence of good media relations and networking. Prior working experience in a relevant Disaster Management Organization is a strong asset.


Other Requirements


  • Experience in the design and/or implementation of institutional communication strategies which incorporates partners from various national and professional backgrounds in particular on weather and climate risks, impacts of extreme weather and climate events, environmental issues
  • Experience in the formulation and visual design of print materials and visual and audiovisual communication, including Web pages
  • Experience and capacity to supply meteorological information and prediction products for the use of disaster risk management and meteorological information and for integration into adaptation and risk management strategies of other sectors such as agriculture and food security, water and energy, natural resources management
  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team and communicate in a multicultural environment
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent ability to communicate orally and in writing in French and English;
  • Very good computer skills of publication;
  • Ability to manage complex situations and facilitate multi-stakeholder participatory processes.
  • Capability to identify, promote and multiply good practices of networking
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Very good computer skills for preparation of media reports, releases, newsletters and other publications



  • Fluency in English or French and working language in the other language is required. Knowledge of Portuguese is an asset.


  • ·         Niamey, Niger
  • Mission in Africa

Contract duration

  • 3 years

Probation period

  • 3 months


2,500 euros per month. Per diems will be allocated for international travel.



Voir les Conditions ci-dessous

How to Apply


Interested candidates who meet the above criteria should submit not latter than 6th march 2017 at 18h:30.

- An application letter

- An updated CV

- Contacts of three referees.


Women are explicitly encouraged to apply



The application can be addressed to:

- ACMAD, 55 Avenue des Ministères, PL 6, BP 13184, 1er Arrondissement, Niamey-Plateau, Niger,


-          Fax number: + 227 20723627.

Closing date: 06/03/2017


227 20723627
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